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America’s criminal justice system is broken.  In World Report 2016, The Human Rights Watch reports harsh sentencing in America: “The United States locks up 2.37 million people, the largest reported incarcerated population in the world. About 12 million people annually cycle through county jails. Concerns about over-incarceration in prisons—caused in part by mandatory minimum sentencing and excessively long sentences—have led some states and the US Congress to introduce several reform bills. At time of writing, none of the federal congressional measures had become law.”

In addition to jail and prison issues, ‘Solitary Nation‘ will discuss how incarceration affects families and children.  The arrest and removal of a mother or father from a child’s life forces that child to confront emotional, social and economic consequences that may trigger behavior problems, poor outcomes in school and a disruption or severance of the relationship with the incarcerated parent that may persist even after the parent is released from prison. (Hairston 2007)

Solitary Nation is brought to you by Metamora Films: “Metamora Films and it’s partners are committed to creating educational and thought provoking films and projects resulting in a more emotionally engaged society.  Our mission is to assist in expanding compassion and tolerance in order to better understand our differences and similarities.”

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