Sex Offender Panic on Halloween (Episode #5)



Studies on registered sex offenders have shown no significant increase in risk for non-familial child sexual abuse on or just prior to Halloween, though states and cities continue to pass restrictions that most say are based on fear and moral panic.  Some states have enacted postings of signs that read: “No Candy at this Residence“, or “No trick, no treat, no candy” for registered sex offenders. (most of these restrictions are for sex offenders on parole or probation)

Brenda Jones, Executive Director of Reform Sex Offender (RSOL) Laws talks with Solitary Nation host, Matt Duhamel about these ill-based restrictions and how the mainstream media fuels the fear.  Episode #5 is perhaps the biggest eye opener on how America treats registered sex offenders as second class citizens and social outcasts while banning them from holiday events, public locations and even churches.

Sex Offender Panic on Halloween (Episode #5)

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